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Jubak's Picks: The rules of the game

Here are my rules for the mechanics of picking stocks for Jubak’s picks and the mechanics of how I sell them.

By Jim Jubak

I eat my own cooking. That is, I invest my own money in many of these picks. Thus, for better or worse, we're investing in many of these positions together.

I don't buy ahead of readers. I don't buy shares in a stock before I write about it, and I don't sell shares before I post a sell in one of my columns. I'm not looking for a short-term profit at your expense.

The three-day requirement. The rule for Jubak's Journal is that I don't buy or sell a stock until three days have passed since the column was posted that contained the recommendation for that buy or sell.

I'll disclose an existing position. Sometimes, I do wind up recommending a stock that I've owned for a while. I'll always note that in the column. Then, I'll follow the usual rule: no selling for three days after the column is published. In addition, I don't short stocks -- ever.

Disclosure. At the end of every column, you'll find a complete disclosure listing the names of every stock I own that I've mentioned in this particular column.

Editor's Note: A new Jubak's Journal is posted every Tuesday and Friday. Please note that Jubak's Picks recommendations are for a 12-to-18 month time horizon. For suggestions to help navigate the treacherous interest-rate environment see Jim's portfolio Dividend stocks for income investors. For picks with a truly long-term perspective see Jubak's 50 best stocks in the world or Future Fantastic 50 Portfolio.

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