The world of credit has seen dramatic changes recently. While interest rates are low, lending standards are higher. Having a high credit rating is more important than ever, yet many people are buried in debt and hobbled by bad credit. Others are worried about identity theft and scams.

Good thing you've found MSN Money's archive of videos about credit scores, debt reduction and financial privacy. How often should you request your credit reports and monitor your credit scores? How can you raise your credit scores? What are FICO scores? How can you prevent or recover from identity theft?

MSN Money videos offer advice on these topics and more, including whether you should seek credit counseling, ways to improve bad credit, how to dig yourself out of debt and what the government is doing to prevent financial fraud.

Also, check out our free tools for evaluating your debt, consolidating your debt, estimating your credit scores and comparing your credit.

Today's National Averages (Mortgage: APR)
30-yr Fixed4.35
15-yr Fixed3.84
1 yr. ARM2.29
8/23/2010 1:53:24 PMInforma Research Services

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